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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  September 22, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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it's a sign they will try to use the busy holiday season to help with the bankruptcy. they filed on monday after struggling with nearly $5 billion in debt. the new iphone 8 and 8 plus are on sale today. you customers have to wait until november for the apple x. >> all right. ahead. we'll have the latest on devastation in puerto rico and mexico and the north korean nuclear threat as "early start" continues right now. hurricane maria still a dangerous category 3 bearing down on the turks and caicos islands after leaving a path of devastation in puerto rico. >> tragedy in mexico. rescue crews racing against time to find earthquake survivors 62 hours after the quake.
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>> revenge of rocket man. north korea's kim jong-un vowing retaliation after the president's defiant speech. north korea's foreign minister threatening a bomb test. boy this change is dramatic. kim jong-un calling president trump mentally de ranged and we have racheted to a new level. >> friday september 22, 5:00 a.m. let's begin with hurricane ma a maria, still a very dangerous hurricane heading straight for turks and caicos, a catastrophic storm surge is expected. the devastation left behind is simply stunning. houses and cars under water. flooding described as harvey-like with more than
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40 inches of rain in h some areas and another four to eight on the way. >> rescues are on going. take a look at this. coast guard crew from clear water florida saving a woman and two children from a vessel near puerto rico. right now, over 4,000 members of the u.s. army reserve on the ground in puerto rico. they report massive destruction, nonexistent communications. let's go live to san juan and bring in cnn's nick valencia. good morning to you. the rain still a problem there. >>reporter: good morning. rain is a huge problem this morning, dave. it has not stopped falling since about two hours ago. the it's been heavy rain consistently followed by lightning strikes, even thunder. this is an island that could use a break and not getting it. flooding continues to be an issue.
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the governor was very concerned about that leading up to hurricane maria, saying it is going to be a big cause of death and what we learned this morning from the local newspaper here is that at least eight people have died as a result of drowning. this rain just not stopping. we also know infrastructure has suffered catastrophic damage. mangled road signs, highways that are inundated which water and a community that's being told by its local leadership they need to prepare for this to be a way of life for the next four to six months. i was talking to the mayor of san juan a couple hours ago and she was telling me she's going to have to set the tone and expectations for her community that they're going to have to change their way of life. if you can imagine that people waking up for the next four months in the dark. going to bed trying to prepare breakfast or dinner without light or electricity. le certainly desperate situation for a long time to come here on the island. dave? >> it's impossible to imagine.
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that on top of the massive debt crisis facing puerto rico. that's going to need a lot of help. a lot of investment and infrastructure completely rebuilt. heart breaking images out of dominica, cnn gathering the first pictures on the ground after hurricane maria simply decimated this island. entire towns flattened. officials say at least 15 people died there. dominica's prime minister describing the scene as heart-wrenching. he says the country as agriculture is completely washed away. a country that relies on sugar cane and banana growing. let's get to our meteorologist. good morning. yes. good morning to you both. and for nick, right now, yes, there is a cluster of
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thunderstorms that is moving along that western and northern edge of puerto rico. i think you'll get a little bit of a break maybe a few hours before the next round begins. but it will slowly taper off. that will be the good news. the we got an update from the mags kurk center. not a lot has changed. still on the track moving towards the northwest at about 7 miles an hour with 125 miles per hour winds. that makes it a category 3. category 4 gusts associated with this. and in the line of sight now within 35 miles of grand turk island, we are looking at a battering there as this savage journey of hurricane maria continues its trek very near the turks and caicos, the center of the eye, the eye is just not going to move over the turks and caicos but that doesn't mean they're not going to be battered by this. the this is going to continue throughout much of the morning and most of the afternoon before
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it begins to pull away. slowly. the computer models are now in fair agreement, but we go beyond that five-daytime period. it's trying to split the difference between bermuda and the east coast of the united states. but the east coast still has to worry about the potential for heavy surf, rip current and plenty of beach erosion. now to the cast unfolding in mexico. those are rescue teams pausing to sing the national anthem to honor the dead. the death toll rise to go 286. three days of the a 7.1 magnitude earthquake devastated that country. volunteers still race to go save survivors. cnn's rosa flores live in mexico city with the very latest. it's almost as time stands still
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as men and women rush to get hand fulls of dirt. >>reporter: you know, christine you're absolutely right. it is such an agonizing wait for the families that have been here since tuesday since this horribly earthquake hit. some of them haven't shept or eaten. others say i have to eat, i have to stay strong so that the rescuers can see us here outside so they know that the people that they're fighting 0 for the lives that are trapped in this building, they know they have family. i want you to take a look behind me. this is one building of ten buildings that the president of this country believes are people trapped inside. now according to a family member who gained access beyond the barricade, who was given a briefing, he says that they were told that they believe that there are capsules, what they're calling capsules that were created when this building collapsed, in the back of the
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building. the heat sensors have been used an positive readings have come back, that giving families a lot of hope this morning. right now there's actually a briefing happening right behind us. family members getting more information from first responders. and that is the key, christine, is what family members here tell me. they were about to start a protest yesterday. they tell me, because they couldn't see any rescue workers on top of the building, and they wanted to know why. and once they learned what was happening, that calmed them down. that gave them the information that they needed. and that information was the rescue workers are already working inside the building. they ha that's why you don't see anybody on top of that ild abouting. good nude for these families. they believe, as they rescuers hopefully get closer to the loved ones inside. >> keep us posted on all the progress there. all right. eight minutes past the hour.
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a complete change in strategy from facebook, facing pressure over russia's meddling. they will give all russian-linked ads to congress. originally refusing. now facebook changing tact. part of a new plan to deal with election interference. here's ceo mark zuckerberg. >> we are in a new world. it is a new challenge for internet communities have to deal with nation states attempting to subvert elections, but if that's what we must do, we are committed to rising to the occasion. >> facebook will beef up how it reviews political ads and who posts them. they have been criticized a lot for being basically the flat form for fake news. but it's not just facebook. two democratic senators want transparency from all digital platforms. senators plan to introduce a
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bill concerning on line political ads requiring them to keep records of ads exeeding 10%. >> there are critics who have said mark zuckerberg was incredibly naive, sort of the libertarian facebook stance. we provide the tools and democracy flourishes. when you have a russian strategy trying to use free speech in this company to undermine democracy. >> let's hope ahead of 2018 we solved the problem. ahead, kim jong-un calling the president mentally deranged, frightened dog. . >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself. and for his regime. >> north korean official now
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threatening a hydrogen bomb over the pacific.
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the silence from pyongyang shattered by kim jong-un the north korean leader lashing out in response to president trump's comments at the u.n. general assembly. he's vowing to retaliate against the u.s. with the highest level of hard line counter measure in history. that's not all. >> when north korea's foreign minister was asked what the highest level would be, he replied this could probably mean the strongest hydrogen bomb test in the pesk ocean. let's go live to washington and bring in the editor of the washington examiner. here you have the heat rising day by day. when the president gave the speech on tuesday there was kind of silence. then this response, even this pictures of kim jong-un sitting in front of the camera holding that response and looking straight into the camera as if
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to personally deliver this -- these words to the president of the united states. what's the off-ramp here? >> well, it's at this point, kind of a self-perpetuating cycle where pyongyang will do something to president trump responds, and then pyongyang responds to that, and it keeps going and going, whether it's a missile test or if it's a new round of sanctions from the west. so if there's an off-ramp once' got to break the cycle. ? this is a nuclear standoff and we're not clear where we're headed. or on health care either. by we know they have eight days. the republicans to get through that graham/cassidy bill, that essentially block grants money to the state, keeps portions of obamacare in place.
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mike pence on fox and friends and i'm quoting a question from them about preexisting conditions and the vice president punting. >> can you guarantee that these governors will make sure preexisting conditions are covered? >> thomas jefferson said a government that governs least gofr gov persons best. >> a congress man and a president in a far-off nation's capitol hill. >> let's note get ought up in history. polit i fact says that was not thomas jefferson. but the question is can you guarantee they're covered. i didn't hear an answer there. the can republicans come up with a better one? >> it doesn't seem so. the point of block granting this to the state is to allow them to create a system that works for the state or the political pour
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in each state want. the federal government, if they block grant them out, the loss states, the secretary shall approve the system. that doesn't mean review. the that means the secretary of health and human services, tom price, has to do this. >> you know what's interesting to me is before obamacare, an insurance company could deny you coverage if you had childhood lieu keem ya. they could deny you coverage for almost nic and obama put these sweeping conditions for a reason because the insurance companies were so good at denying coverage or giving huge costs and premiums for those people. a fourth of the country of the non elderly adult population has a frpreexisting condition. so this matters. what you keep hearing supporters go back to is a civics lesson.
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. listen to linzdy graham. >> if you want money and power out of washington and you want to end the march, this is your last best chance. this is the biggest change in health care in my lifetime. this is federalism versus socialism. i think we're going to get 50 republicans to vote for federalism. i'll make a prediction. a couple of democrats are going to come on board because their state does so well. i like new york, california, massachusetts and maryland but i don't want to give them all the money. >> who are the couple of democrats he thinks kurming on board? >> i'm not entirely sure. maybe the senator knows something we don't because it seems like even states like west virginia with joe man shn or hidedy heitkamp from north dakota face a lot of pressure. the and as you saw with every
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sort of obamacare repeal or reform effort that's come up, they have at this point not jumped on board with the republicans. so, i don't know. maybe senator graham has spoken with some people behind the scenes and is hiding some information from us, but at this point, it doesn't seem like there's any buy-in from he democrat to vote with republicans on this issue. >> they're trying to sell in the most positive light, their bill. cassidy has been doing the same thing. preexisting conditions will be covered but there's no question the sweeping protections against discrimination against preexisting conditions that is in obamacare does not exist to that same extent in this bill. >> all eyes on collins murkowski and mccain. thursday night football, rams, 9ers and a battle by this went down to the wire. also have the latest on the aaron hernandez story. cte, 27-year-old former nfl
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2:26 am
reds, rockies -- only a third currently have the netting that extends to the end of the dugout. there's no update right now on the condition of the 2-year-old girl hit about i that foul ball. her father said on wednesday night after the incident she was quote, doing all right. all right. we've got you thursday night football game not being that great. well last night we had an awesome game. the rams opening up a big lead in the fourth quarter. at that point, it was 41-26 rams after the touchdown but 9ers came storming back with this 2-point conversion to tie the game. rams win the shoot-out 41-39. the first time nfl history a game has ended with the score 41-39. all right france says they are
2:27 am
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island. >> tragedy in mexico as the death toll climbs. rescue crews racing against time to find earthquake victims. revenge of rocket man. north korea's kim jong-un vowing retaliation against the u.s. after president trump's defiant speech at the u.n. north koreans foreign minister threatening a hydrogen bomb test. >> i'm dave briggs, kim jong-un calling president trump mentally derang deranged, a frightened dog. first hurricane maria. deadly potentially catastrophic storm surge expected, as much as 12 feet above normal. that could submerge the already battered island chain. the devastation left behind by mayweath maria in puerto rico, the flooding described as
2:33 am
harvey-like with over 40 inches of rain in some areas, an additional four to eight inches on the way. rescuers are ongoing in the country's hardest hit areas. british royal fleet rescue helicopter team saving a woman and two children. right now more than 4,000 members of the u.s. army reserve are on the ground in puerto rico reporting massive destruction and nonexistent communications. let's go live to san juan. where nick valencia is reporting. the roads are submerged, infrastructure is broken and lights are out. >>reporter: you can tell how massive a storm this was. le here we are, days after hurricane maria made landfall. it's still raining. it has let up over the course of
2:34 am
the last 30 minutes but we've seen lightning strikes and thunder throughout. this is going to be a major problem for flooding. we know high water rescues continue. the south was especially hard hit. we talk about the damage and devastation to the infrastructure. it has just been catastrophic and we saw that with our own eyes, home the and people trapped because they were unable to get out of the homes because the water was too high. we were unable to get out of san juan. we also visited a hospital. they're running off a generator, they have at least 100 or so patients inside. in one case a 103-year-old woman who's been there for almost two months and her daughter says she's worried about the conditions of that hospital. the hospital says they will be back at full capacity and they're not even the worst of it from what we saw. the damage has been extensive and seems that every inch of
2:35 am
this island has suffered in one way or another. it's hard to imagine by the local mayor is warning residents this may be a way of life for months to come. up to six months, she told me yesterday. she said it was up to her to set the tone for this territory, to try to tell her residents that they need to expect to be without electricity for some time to come. it's hard to imagine when you think about how much we rely on that and how difficult it will be for these citizens to keep going forward bout power. >> they've got to get the tourism industry mumming again. i know the people would like to go and spend their money in puerto rico when this is all over. it's really drawn to the surface here. thank you so much for that. all right heart breaking images out of domenica, cnn gathering the first pictures on the ground. you can see houses, biddings ripped to shreds and entire
2:36 am
towns flattened. officials say at least 15 people died. the prime minister describing the scene as heart-wrenching. he says the country's agriculture has been completely washed away and recovery may take up to two years. >> those plantations full of sugar cane and ban in a ans, simply flattened. hurricane maria still a potential threat to the u.s. let's gt to meteorologist karen maginnis. >> couple of things i want to mention. that is the turks and caicos are getting battered as we speak. the they are on the western edge of this stiystem. the national hurricane center issued their new update. the eye looking a little ragged during some earlier images but now almost like a pinhole again. it did not change in intensity, still ca the goer 3 but category
2:37 am
4 wind gusts. it has slowed down just a little bit. it's going to continue its trek towards the northwest. turks and caicos will be battered the better part of the day. nick was saying that the rainfall was there in puerto rico, and yes, we are seeing some of those enhanced bands coming in along the southern periphery are hurricane maria but i think it will grad wrally taper off. as it moves across the them. looking at a storm surge maybe on the order of 10, 12 feet. rainfall amounts could be 20 inches or more. and i think we're looking at the turks and caicos which is very small, not in a dissimilar situation than what we've seen across puerto rico. just to remind you some of the rainfall tote ls across port roo echo in excess of 35, in some cases more than 40 inches of
2:38 am
rainfall. >> wow. unbelievable. thank you so much. now to the other natural disaster still unfolding in mexico. those are rescue teams pausing to sing the national anthem to honor the dead. death toll rise to go 286, three days after a 7 pinpoint 1 magnitude earthquake devastated the country. volunteers and first responders still racing to save survivors who may be trapped under rubble. cnn's rosa flores with the latest. just an incredibly difficult wait for the family members. good morning to you. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, dave. i was just talking to some of those family members who received a briefing moments ago from rescue workers who say that right now, they need patience because that building you see
2:39 am
behind me, according to these rescue workers, is settling after the rain overnight. so they're saying that no rescue efforts are going on right now inside that building because they had to get all of those rescue workers out for their own safety. it rained. that added weight to the building, and now they're using sophisticated equipment to figure out when this building is settled after the rain so they can bring the brigades back in. also from japan, the united states and famous rescue workers were also working inside. and they also say that there is hope, because they used heat sensors to measure the heat in some of what they're calling capsules that were created after this building collapsed. they do say these have positive
2:40 am
readings to they do believe people are trapped inside this building and that the agonizing wait now is for these families who have been here since tuesday, as you mentioned, more than 62 hours, these families still here waiting, hoping and praying. >> keep us up to date. all right. the republican effort to overall obamacare facing a deadline and pushback. >> i think we're going to get 50 republicans to vote for federalism and i'll make a prediction a couple of democrats are going to come on board because their state does so well. nd my next vacation. dija, where is that? i'm on a rickshaw in japan. he's so fast! this is delicious. i'm sorry. do you guys know who james corden is?
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north korean leader kim
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jong-un lashing out in response to president trump's address. he's vowing to retaliate with the highest level of hard line counter measure in history. that's not all. kim also warning president trump will pay dearly for his speech, calling for totally destroying the dprk. the north korean leader goes on to say whatever trump might have expected, he will face results beyond his expectations. when north korea's foreign minister was asked about the highest level retaliation, he replied this could probably mean the strongest hydrogen bomb test in the pacific ocean. let's go live to seoul and bring in cnn's paula hancocks. this is an entirely new level the president and kim jong-un hazing i haze raising it. what can you tell us? >> reporter: dave, this certainly concern at the way this rhetoric is going and a what's being focussed on by many experts is the fact that that
2:56 am
message from kim jong-un, the north korean leader to the u.s. president was a direct message. he was looking into the camera. there's a photo of him. he was hold ag statement he has supposedly read himself. and certainly it is almost as though he is talking leader to leader. he is making a very direct response to the u.s. president. as you say, he had some very choice words, as you would expect from north korea, calling him mentally de ranged, saying they would be high level of hard line counter measures, also giving him some advice talking about that address he gave to the u.n. general assembly on tuesday when he did threaten to totally destroy north korea if it was threatened. i certainly -- this shows the level of concern. the level of anger, maybe the level of frustration in north korea at that general assembly address. the very fact kim jong-un felt he himself had to personally respond to the u.s. president. the of course, that statement
2:57 am
from the north korea foreign minister suggesting there could be a bomb over the pacific ocean very concerning. >> indeed it is. thanks so much. test results on former nfl star aran hernandez showed he suffered from the brain disease. this was the most severe case doctors have seen in someone hernandez's age. the former new england patriot was serving a murder sentence when he committed suicide last april at the age of 27. federal lawsuit against the nfl and the patriots was filed by hernandez's fiance seeking $20 million. he played three seasons in the nfl and had stage 3 cte. >> there is no question. parents across the country are looking at that story and asking the question once again, what's going on? is this safe for my kid to play. >> all right. let's check on cnn money stream. global stockmarkets thrower.
2:58 am
extending some lost that began yesterday. the dow ended a nine-day winning streak. a late reaction to the federal reserves plans to raise interest rates. still, a reminder, stocks very close to all time highs. very good to be a stock market investor. toys 'r' us is facing bankruptcy but still hiring for the holidays. planning to hire at least 13,000 workers, it's a sign they will try to use the busy holiday season to help with the bankruptcy and turnaround. they filed for bankruptcy monday after struggling with nearly $5 billion in debt and huge competition from the likes of amazon. it was once they were the category killer that put the small toy stores out of business. and now this is the way the economy works. amazon and on-line shopping that have been a challenge. it will be interesting to see how it changes itself. how it innovates.
2:59 am
>> how they shed debt. you do hear emphasis on the babies are us. they're going to put those stores together side by side and get rid of some of the stores that don't have a babies are us. >> thanks for joining us. >> "new day" starts right now. have a puerto rico was absolutely obliterated. the rain has not stopped, flooding all throughout the island. >> maria hit us very hard, but she is nothing compared to the force we will unleash to rebuild. >> they continue to hear people's cries. >> i don't think i have seen quite a mobilization of volunteers as i have seen here. >> we are not wasting time. right now time is our enemy. the graham-cassidy bill is the right solution at the right time. >> i make a prediction. c


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